Monday, March 10, 2008

Nice PVP Pallys Can Finish First

Yes, sometimes Paladins can finish on top. In a AV fight I found I finished on top!

With only 3 deaths. Whew! I’m going to do a little more bg at my level then move on to 70!

Here's another, I wasn't on top this time. But my HKs I think are an impressive 215 kills and placed 5th out of 40.

Also has me ranked, at level 59:

All Realms - All Talents
honor kills: 11
health: 55
mana: 266
intellect: 278
agility: 6th
strength: 93
stamina: 60th
spell crit: 123
attack power: 102
melee crit: 11
armor: 212
dodge: 14th
parry: 341
block: 338
defense: 283

All Realms – Ret Pallies Only
honor kills: 5th
health: 14th
mana: 97
intellect: 103
agility: 6
strength: 60th
stam: 17th
spell crit: 66th
attack power: 70th
melee crit: 11
armor: 48th
dodge: 10th
parry: 143
block: 140
defense: 103

Made me feel a little better about my ret pally. I hope it does you too. If you get a chance check it out. I'll be leaving level 59 soon so I won't be there too much longer!

Your favorite Paladin,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Deeprun Tram Exploring

Lately the queue times for Battlegrounds have been longer than usual. So, I started exploring the Deeprun Tram. Lo' and behold I snapped some pics of Nessy.

So, I thought what other neat stuff is under here? Hanging out just a bit longer I spotted a diver in the water.

Soon after I was pulled in for another round of PVP. That it for now everyone!

Your favorite Paladin,

Monday, January 21, 2008

Adventar Returns

Queue up the Conan music. Remember the scene where Thulsa Doom’s minion looks at Conan and says, “You!?”.

Yeah, me! Back by popular demand (and a comment from Lamb). I have returned. Rest assured loyal readers I’ve been playing here and there. I am now a level 55. I have 5237 honorable kills under my belt. I still make it a policy not to gank. I will only fight if struck first.

Just today in Un’goro Crater I was attacked twice while fighting some mob. I killed them both.

So, anyways I’m back and I will be posting more often about my adventures and things I’ve learned about PVP.

Your favorite Paladin,

Monday, October 1, 2007

Adventar survives world PVP attack

Over the weekend on the Spinebreaker server Stormwind was attacked by a group of horde. Not a small group of 3 or 4, but a sizable group of maybe 15 or so. I thought to myself 'Crom!'. Using my versatility I hit and healed through the entire battle. Eventually Alliance beat them out. Lo' and behold when the dust settled Adventar was still standing!

In the chaos of combat, I did survive a few hits from some of the high level horde. All in all it was good times. Thanks horde.

Your favorite Paladin,
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Battleground Quick Tip Warsong Gluch

Use yourself as bait

Remember the goal of WSG is to capture the flag while keeping your own. If the flag carrier is going down the middle and your riding towards him and get 2-3 horde attacking you. Don't fight to get to the flag carrier you'll only bring more horde on his tail. Instead, head in the opposite direction and keep horde off your teammate. When/if you die they will have a longer way to travel to get your teammate.

Your favorite Paladin,

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to survive in the land of PVP

Well folks, after a long absence I am finally back.

I signed up for Wow before I knew the real difference between PvP and PVE. It's also been widely joked about in wow forums of the weakness of Paladins. I must admit that I was getting very frustrated with Adventar.

As I would travel through Desolace or places like the Badlands I had to come up with strategies to survive. Before I knew well I had to search high and low for advice and finally settled for some strategies that some might prove useful.

When I was a lowbie and was really terrible at PVP one of my strategies was to hide.

I'd hide on ledges to be unseen by horde traveling below or I'd hide in dead mobs if I had to leave the computer for a few minutes.

In this picture over here I am lying down inside this mob. This lying down techniques actually save me from being discovered on numerous occasions. But, I still got killed time and time again. Until finally I almost threw in the towel. I said to myself that's it I'm gonna see what happens if I do battlegrounds.

3300 Honor Kills later I learned a lot about how to defend myself!

To understand the complexity of World PvP life you have to understand the Three basic components of World Pvp Survival.

1. Avoidance

This might seem funny at first, but I am actually serious here. The first step to World PvP survival and Battleground wins is being able to avoid combat when necessary.

Maybe it's from taking many years of Martial Arts training that I just have it so ingrained me to never throw the first punch. Maybe it's following the golden rule, 'Do unto others...'. I hate getting ganked so much that I don't gank others unless they've stuck me first.

My point is to avoid ganking in World PvP. You don't want to be good at killing another player when their health is down. Striking an opponent while he/she is down or is a lower level makes for sloppy game skills. It allows you to garner bad combat habits. You want your skills to be sharper. You want to be good at taking down players at full strength. This forces you to be at the top of your game, where you want it to be.

Avoidance holds true in Battlegrounds where the objective is generally capturing the opponents flag or node, not HKs. In my opinion, this is the number one reason Alliance seems to lose the majority of the time in Battlegrounds.

I don't mean avoid combat at all costs. Don't worry even if you start to avoid PvP fights if you can help it, believe me you will still get into a whole lot of scraps. And if you are ganked and killed first, by all means get revenge.

2. Increase Survivability

Create a strategy for yourself on what to do to keep up your health while in combat. I highly recommend leveling up First Aid and stocking up on health/mana potions. Know every power/item/ability that can keep you alive and have it ready on your tool bar and have a key mapped to it. I've mentioned two ways to keep yourself alive just a little longer. As a paladin I can bubble and heal myself and lay on hands that gives me even more survivability. I'm sure you can think of others for your character.

Also, have an escape plan. Come up with strategies for how to get away if necessary. As an engineer I have invisibility which I've used successfully several times to get away or sneak past some horde to accomplish my goals.

3. Strength

Know your strongest hitters and have them ready to go. Understand when and how to use them. A couple levels ago I dropped my blacksmith talent. It just wasn't doing anything for me. And I took up Engineering. I've never regretted it. Now my strongest hitter is 'The gnomish death ray'. When I was a level 35 or so Paladin I can crit for 1900 not bad. I still use it once in a while, if things are neck and neck. Lately, my skills have seemed high enough that I've beaten other PvPers without it.

So, there you have it the three basic components of World PVP survival. In a future post I will get into more specific strategies for winning in Battlegrounds and possibly more specific details on winning in combat.

I hope you enjoy my first post after a long absence.

Your favorite Paladin,

Friday, July 20, 2007

Adventar hits Level 40!

Hi everyone, I finally I got my mount!

It was quite a grind. I survived many horrors. Right now I am hoping to get the 'Aegis of the Scarlet Commander' from the Scarlet Monastery. I've learn a couple more survival tips, dos and don'ts in Horde Territory which I'll be posting soon.

Sorry gang, things have been insanely busy and I'll be posting more regularly in the near future.

Until Then, Your favorite Paladin,