Monday, January 21, 2008

Adventar Returns

Queue up the Conan music. Remember the scene where Thulsa Doom’s minion looks at Conan and says, “You!?”.

Yeah, me! Back by popular demand (and a comment from Lamb). I have returned. Rest assured loyal readers I’ve been playing here and there. I am now a level 55. I have 5237 honorable kills under my belt. I still make it a policy not to gank. I will only fight if struck first.

Just today in Un’goro Crater I was attacked twice while fighting some mob. I killed them both.

So, anyways I’m back and I will be posting more often about my adventures and things I’ve learned about PVP.

Your favorite Paladin,

1 comment:

Lambs said...

Welcome back, pal. It's good to know someone is having fun with the game still, you make me want to log in and explore the world for a change.